Online Training Course in Vehicle Diagnostics

Our Online Training Course is available for self study for  R3500

Please note that the online training course MUST be paid in advance


Electronic Vehicle Diagnostics

    1. ECU
    2. CAN 
    3. DTC’s
    4. Live Data
    5. Actuations
    6. Adaptations
    7. Service Resets
    8. Coding/Programming
    9. Key coding
    10. Chip tuning


    1. History
    2. DTC’s
    3. DTC formats
    4. Communication Protocols
    5. OBD2 Modes
    6. Freeze Frame Data
    7. Pending DTC’s
    8. Monitors/ Readiness tests
Advanced Diagnostics

    • How Faults are Detected
    • Monitoring Signals
    • Defining Circuit Faults
    • Component Locations
    • CAN Bus Diagnostics
    • Fault code interpretation


Who should complete this course ?  
This course is intended for anyone who needs an introduction to modern diagnostics. 
So it is good for old school mechanics who want to get into the modern game. 
Anyone who wants a background in OBD2 , to understand what it can do for their own vehicles.
Anyone who is considering investing in a diagnostic machine for their workshop should definitely
do this course before spending any money.
This course is intended for technicians or mechanics who are actually going to do the work. 
Especially useful for beginners and anyone new to diagnostics.
This course is focused on the basics of diagnostics and diagnostic equipment, what functions they can perform and what you can expect from them.

You will be able to print a completion certificate after the course

Normal Price $200 US